Christophe Genthon interview

“AWACA will allow us to carry out measurements that have never been carried out”

Christophe Genthon is a CNRS researcher at the Laboratory of Dynamic Meteorology (LMD).Specialist in polar meteorology, he will be in contact with IPEV for technology and logistics. In addition, it is the referent in connection with the European Research Council (ERC).

How will the first phases of the project be articulated?

Christophe Genthon: « The development of the equipment will take place in metropolitan France. Custom-built instruments for the project. The deployment is scheduled from December 2023 until January 2024. »

Tell us about standalone platforms.

C.G.: « These are structures that will be completely covered with solar panels to supply the instruments with energy. We need practically 1 kilowatt to run everything. We will also use wind energy and store the surplus to power the instrumentation when there is no wind or sun. »

What are your expectations of the project?

C.G: « We will work to get the best climate model possible. AWACA will allow us to perform measurements that have never been carried out before, to do things that have never been. We will sample a place that is representative of Antarctica. This project will, I hope, leave a « legacy » that other researchers and scientists can seize by taking up the concept. »

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